Snare Drum Cabinet



Our new Snaredrum Wall Cabinet adds a real spark to any space in your home! Especially suited for drummers and music lovers.
Handcrafted in the Netherlands, out of a 14″ Snaredrum and available in 2 different colors, for a versatile and high quality home accessory. The Snaredrum Cabinet also comes with an additional standard, so not only will you be able to hang it on your wall, but you can also put it down somewhere. In case you want to switch things up!
The Snaredrum Cabinet is both functional and decorative, and a fun way to implement your love of music into your home decor. Add it to your hallway to easily keep small items like your keys, sunglasses, wallet and other items all in place. Or use the Snaredrum Cabinet as a decorative shelving solution for any plants, figurines, pictures or other trinkets.

  • Size: 39cm x 39cm x 18cm
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Ready for shipping in 3 to 5 workdays.