Marching Bass Drum Table (SOLD)

This Marching Bassdrum Table is lovingly handcrafted in the Netherlands, and will look marvelous in your interior.
The match between the steel elements of the drum with the warm, organic oak makes this Marching Bassdrum Table an incredibly unique piece of furniture. Bold but sleek—a real eye-catcher!
The impressive table base is handcrafted out of a 24″ Marching Bassdrum. The exterior has been carefully polished and restored, and ultimately tinted a deep navy. The table top is finished with a fine layer of oak veneer, and provides lots of space for drinks, appetizers, games, or more. The table top also opens up from the middle with 2 hatches, to reveal more storage space inside.
The bottom of the Bassdrum Table is equipped with four wheels in order to easily move it around your home. In order to stop it from rolling off, however, 2 of the wheels include a brake.
  • Sizes: 65cm x 65cm x 36cm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg