F-Clef Keychain



Looking for a gift for a bassplayer or musician? This is just the perfect little item!

The bright maple F-clef, layed in rich walnut, creates a stunning ornament. It is the perfect way to show off your love for music. Handmade from the finest materials, this F-Clef keychain is the perfect gift for a bass player or any other musician. It is compact in size, so you can easily attach it to your keys and keep it in your pocket. Because it’s made from solid wood, it’s built to last!

The F-Clef (also know as Bass Clef) is the clef used for notes that fall below and around the middle C on the staff. It is called theF-clef because its top curl and two dots highlight the staff’s F-line.

– Size: 3cm x 2cm x 0.6cm
– Weight: 0,05kg
– Very easy to attach to your keys
– Made out of American walnut and mample
– Free shipping
– Carefully packed, safe delivery