1959 Bassdrum Table (SOLD)

This 26” marching bass drum from July 1959 has been transformed into an eye catching coffee table. The drum was originally used in a marching band, and was built by the Dutch company ‘Van der Glas’. With its deep green color and oak veneered tabletop, it will definitely be the showpiece in your living room. Back in the days, the cotton rope was used to tighten the drumheads. Today, a brand new rope provides that superb authentic look. The original look of the bass drum has been maintained, but every single part has been thoroughly checked and restored.
Along with the table, you’ll receive a document with a photo report of the build. In this way you’ll get a clear view of the complete transformation of the almost 60 year old drum.
The table can be observed at Vandemaker in Tilburg (NL), but can also be ordered through this webstore.