How do I hang my clock or wall light?

Fortunately, that’s really easy. Every Berben clock and wall light comes with a screw and a matching plug, along with a manual with detailed instructions.

Where are you guys located?

Our workshop is located in Tilburg, The Netherlands. You’re always welcome to have a look around! Send a message to make an appointment.

Where do you get all these drums from?

Over the past few years we became true salvage hunters. We drive all accross the country and beyond to collect our drums. Some of them are used, some of them are new. But we always keep our number one rule in mind: Only use drums that are not (or no longer) really interesting as a musical instrument. We’re not gonna saw a 1960’s Ludwig drumkit in half — you get the point.

Why did you change the company name from Brandhout to Berben?

Aside from the drum related items, we started to design and develop more and more products that just didn’t fit within the name Brandhout anymore. New and different designs, asked for a new and more suitable name.


Can I track my shipping?

As soon as we’ve received the Track & Trace information from the shipping company, we’ll forward that information to you so you can follow your package.

Do you ship outside of Europe?

Yes we do! Just a heads up: The shipping costs to countries outside of Europe are quite high. We wish it would be different, too..

Do you ship to any country in Europe?

Of course! We’ll pack your order the best we can so the goods will arrive safely at your doorstep. Check your shipping rate at the webstore.

Snare Drum and Tom-tom Lamps

Can I choose other colors than those that are shown in the webstore?

Great! We love your own input. Please send us message to discuss the possibilities.

What kind of lamp should I use in the Drum Lamps?

Please only use LED-lamps for both the Tom-tom Lamps en Snare Drum Wall Lights. One LED-lamp is included in every order.

Snare Drum Clocks

Can I choose a different color and font?

Of course you can! Send us a message to receive information about the possibilities and prices.

What kind of power source does it run on?

On one single AA battery, which is included.

Solid Wood Clocks

Can I choose another wood type than the ones in the webstore?

We’ll probably add more wood types in the near future, but for now it’s only possible to choose between the 3 given options: Oak, Elm and Jatoba.

I’d like to choose a different font, is that possible?

As long if it’s not Comic Sans, anything is possible! Send us a message to discuss the possibilities.

Is it possible to choose a different detail color?

We did our best to pick the best matching colors with the natural looks of the Solid Wood Clock, but other colors are of course possible. We love doing custom orders! Pink, grey, violet, you name it, we can make it. Send us an email to get to know more about the possibilties and prices.

What kind of power source does it run on?

It runs on a single AA battery, which is included.