Handmade & with eye for detail

Quality designs from The Netherlands

Berben Design was founded in 2014. What began as the construction of one simple table, soon turned into an outburst of many more ideas and creations. Each item is carefully crafted by hand and treated with all the needed attention and respect for the material, to ensure each piece is outstanding.

Our workshop

All of our products are created in our own workshop

Inside an old warehouse, we built our own atelier where all of our clocks, lamps, tables and other goods are being created. You can find us in Tilburg; one of the most cultural cities in The Netherlands. We try to offer a great variety of products and options, but all within the same mindset: solid, high quality and one-of-a-kind.

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With love for the craft & materials

Over the past years our business has grown

Although we are still a small business, Berben Design has grown and evolved in our craft. Since our start in 2014, the focus has shifted from drums only to high quality wooden products as well—one of the most beautiful materials out there, in our opinion. We want to inspire and encourage people to support small businesses and purchase durable products of true quality in a day and age of mass consumption.